Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our Resident Poet

We love being able to share stories with you about the "other" lives of our team members. In December of 2012 we wrote this post about Robert Leonard, one of the key members of our banquet service team, and a poet.  If you want to refresh your memory of that post, here is the link: December 2012 Blog Post

Recently Robert was interviewed by Jordan Rich for his radio show on WBZ 1030 and that interview ran this past Saturday morning on the radio.  Jordan's show runs in the overnight hours, so Robert was lucky that he was able to be involved in a pre-recorded interview.  Jordan's show features writers and poets, books and poems, and in listening to some of them via the Internet, it is quite an interesting show that really deserves some daytime airtime. Here is a link to his website:     and the show's website in case you want to learn more: .

Robert was able to share the link with me, and I so enjoyed hearing some of his poetry read by a professional voice artist, that I thought I would share the link with you, as well.  Robert Leonard on the Radio.

The voice artist was Michelle Falanga, and she really did an excellent job reading his poetry.

Remember, if you want to buy a copy of Robert's book, we do sell them here at the Hawthorne Hotel front desk.

I hope to see you here.


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