Thursday, January 09, 2014

Pet-Friendly Hotel

We are one of the very few pet-friendly hotels in the area.  Not only are we friendly, but we are actually happy to welcome pets to the Hawthorne Hotel.  We offer our guests complimentary Hawthorne Hotel dog toys on arrival, and we have a "doggie room service" menu which is veterinarian-approved and a great way to treat your best friend.  We are located right next door to the Salem Common, which is a great place to walk dogs and get them some exercise.

This week I met Riley and Winston who are here because their humans are temporarily between homes, having closed on the house they were selling, but needing to wait for the home they are buying.

Meet Riley and Winston

 Winston's and Riley with "Dad" John heading outside for a walk

Catherine is "Mom" to Riley (L) and Winston (R)

These two darling dogs are Riley, who is a Westie and Winston who is a Scottie.  If you want their attention, just say the word "cookie" and you will have it!

I hope to see you and your pet here at the historic, and pet-friendly, Hawthorne Hotel.


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