Thursday, January 23, 2014

Last But Not Least

We finally were able to present the final Employee of the Month Award yesterday, and it was a very pleasant task indeed.

Our winner of the honor of Part-Time Employee of the Month for December 2013 was Stephen Harrington of our Housekeeping Department.

Here is a photo collage that shows the moments when we surprised Steve as he started his shift as the evening custodian for us:

The first thing he said when he saw all of us gathered together was "Get to work -- don't you all have something to do!"  This is so typical of Steve, who comes in and gets working and stays working at that same pace for his entire shift.  He definitely also knows how to make us smile!

In these two photos, above and below, you see the more serious side of this presentation, as I spoke to Steve about how his nomination and election to this honor came to pass, and Megan Campbell, Executive Housekeeper (center above, and Steve's immediate supervisor) talked to Steve and the assembled staff members about why she nominated him.

In this photo above Steve was happily smiling and telling us "I never won anything" and how excited he thought his family would be to hear the news.

I hope you will join me in congratulating this genuinely special member of the Hawthorne Hotel TEAM who works so diligently to make us shine.  Way to go, Steve!

Special thanks to Andy Seidel for taking these photos.


P.S. Before you ask, the answer is "No, there is no family relationship!"

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