Monday, January 13, 2014

Details, So Much of Life is in the Details

As with "life" we believe that a great hotel stay is made up of many details.  I was reminded, recently, of some of the nice details that we have provided in our guest rooms which make for an great stay.  This reminder came because I stayed in one of our rooms overnight due to a blizzard that hit North Shore very hard.

These are all really SMALL things, but we think those small things add up to a great experience.  Here are some photos, and some narrative about what you are seeing and why we think the detail level is important:

1.  Make-up mirror.  Here is why ours are just better.  1)When they were installed I walked through each bathroom with the carpenter to make sure each mirror was put in a place where a vertically challenged person like me could actually use it.  I have stayed in so many hotels where the make-up mirrors must have been installed by someone who was 6'4" like my dad was.  Tall people can bend over a bit, but us shorter versions have a hard time standing on tip-toe or worse.  2) Our make-up mirrors have two sides, one that is magnified nicely so if you have a hard time seeing without glasses, the magnified side works great. 3) There is no light built in to the mirrors.  If you have ever used one of those lighted mirrors, you will see why not having the lights is actually an advantage.  4) We made sure that we took advantage of natural light wherever we could -- something that our bathrooms have but not many hotels do -- another advantage of staying in an historic hotel.

 2)  Shower curtains.  Look carefully and you will see that ours have built-in rings on them.  These are so easy to take down and re-hang, that ours actually get washed between guests.  This is not something that happens in every hotel that you stay in.  Believe me.  We made doing this job simple, so it actually gets done.  I know I appreciate that kind of detail, don't you?

3) Remote control and channel guide.  1) Our remote controls are super-simple to operate.  You do not need to be a teen-aged boy to figure them out, nor do you need a programming degree to operate them.  Simple.  2)  The TV actually opens to a regular TV station, not some awful computer generated music and some snarly voice "talking" to you and trying to get you to spend more money via your television.  3) We have a very simple channel guide so you can find your favorite station.  4) We provide HBO for free for all our guests.

I hope you enjoy learning about some of the small details that make staying in our Hawthorne Hotel a pleasure.

And of course, I hope to see you here.



  1. Deidre Padrona4:28 PM

    Another detail is your locally sourced mattresses and OH! Those pillows! Every time we have ever stayed with you, getting up out of that bed is all but impossible because they are so comfortable.

  2. So happy to make you happy!!!!