Friday, December 13, 2013

Santa Arrives In Salem

Starting in 1925, in a public relations demonstration to show Salem and the world that the "new" hotel was safe, the Salem Fire Department has come to the Hawthorne Hotel and escorted Santa from the roof of the hotel to the Salem Common, some six stories below, via its ladder truck.

On December 6 2013 that demonstration was made yet again, only this time the Fire Department got to show off its brand new ladder truck which acts a little bit more like a "cherry picker" in that Santa is not required to climb down the ladder. Wow, technology for everyone!
My view from the roof looking down at the crowd of children and parents below, on the Common.

The Fire Dept. getting ready.

While this looks like a somber moment, it was just happenstance that captured this photo.

Halfway down!
Santa kept getting smaller (to me) the closer he got to the children, who were yelling "Santa, Santa, Santa!"

I hope you enjoy seeing yet another way the Hawthorne Hotel is part of the community of Salem.  And of course, I hope to see you here.


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