Thursday, December 12, 2013

Guest Newsletter for Thursday, December 12

Here is the Hawthorne Guest Messenger for Thursday, December 12, 2013.

Hotel Notes
Looking for a holiday pick me up?  Stop by the Tavern on the Green and try our drink of the week, the Peppermint-Kiss Martini.  With vanilla vodka, green crème de menthe, dark crème de cacao and a splash of cream, garnished with candy cane sprinkles, it’s sure to put you in a festive mood! 

Weather Forecast   
Very cold with a high of 25 degrees and a low of 13 degrees.           

What’s Happening in Salem this week
Winter Walk on the Wharf
Friday December 13th from 6pm-9pm, Saturday December 14th from 11am-8pm, and Sunday December 15th from 12pm-6pm.

Come to Pickering Wharf on December 13th, 14th & 15th to enjoy activities, photos with Santa, promotions, Christmas Caroling, refreshments, and entertainment at the various shops. Visit the Facebook page for the most up-to-date information on the daily events taking place on Pickering Wharf this weekend.

Flags of the Day
New Jersey

This Day in History
On December 12, 1913, two years after it was stolen from the Louvre Museum in Paris, Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece The Mona Lisa is recovered inside Italian waiter Vincenzo Peruggia's hotel room in Florence. Peruggia had previously worked at the Louvre and had participated in the heist with a group of accomplices dressed as Louvre janitors on the morning of August 21, 1911.

I hope to see you here!


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