Friday, December 20, 2013

A Smile for Today

This morning one of our interns and his job coach asked to come to see me in my office.  They had a presentation to make to us -- a wonderful handmade thank you note that you can see right here.

We support the transition program at Salem High School.  This program,which allows students who need extra time and attention in school to stay on there past the regular 12 years of school, and to engage in learning which encompasses on-the-job work experience, is something that we feel is really worthwhile.

We have supported this program for quite a few years.  This year they asked if we would contribute to a fund raising auction they were having, and we said "yes" and provided several things for this event.  It appears that our donations were a big hit, because the number of "tickets" in front of "our" items were quite impressive according to Miss Smith.
This note says:

Dear Juli, Thank you so much for your generous donation.  Due to your kind support the transition program at Salem High School was able to raise close to one thousand dollars!

This money will continue to support students with their travel, training and community-based lessons!

Thank you,

Brigette Smith, Liason/Job Coach, and Elsa, Alexander, Auggie and Matthew
Transition Program
Salem High School

I hope you enjoy seeing how the Hawthorne Hotel participates in many different ways, many of which are "behind the scenes" here in the local community of Salem, Massachusetts.

And of course, I hope to see you here.


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