Monday, November 18, 2013

We Love Our Guests

We love our guests so much, that every day we pick one of them to be our VIP Guest of the Day. Here are two of our recent VIPs.

First, please meet Linda and Michael Menegaux who live in New York state, and who have stayed with us a number of times.

Linda was thrilled to be chosen for this small honor, and we always delight in making our guests happy.

Next, meet Denis Castleton who lives in Boston, MA.  Denis is one of our most loyal guests.  He is passionate about both Salem and the Hawthorne Hotel, making us somewhat the center of his life.  This particular stay was his present to himself for his birthday.  Happy Birthday, Denis!

I hope you enjoy getting to see some of our happy Hawthorne Hotel guests, and we hope to add you to our guest list as well.


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