Friday, November 15, 2013

The Calendars Are Here!

Every year the Salem Rotary Club produces and sells, as a fundraiser, a unique Salem calendar.  Here are photos of the front and back cover of this great Salem souvenir.  If you want to see the detail on these photos better, simply click on the image to enlarge it. This year all the photos were taken by John Andrews of Social Palates.  He also does a lot of the photography for the Hawthorne Hotel and he is terrific!

But, NOT ONLY is it a great calendar, but it is also a 52-way raffle ticket.  How, you might ask, does that work?  Well if you look closely you will see there is a tear-off portion to turn in when you buy your calendar (or afterwards if you prefer) and that portion and the calendar both bear a matched set of unique numbers.  Each week at the Rotary meeting, we draw one of those tear off portions from the box to win $100 in cash.  And here is the best part -- the ticket goes back in the box, so you can win more than once!

If you want to purchase one or many, we have them for sale right here at the Hawthorne Hotel front desk. In addition you can purchase them at the Salem Chamber of Commerce on Essex Street between Summer and Washington Streets; at Waters and Brown on New Derby Street, and at the Salem Car Wash on Canal Street.

Oh, only $20, and every penny of the proceeds goes to support worthy causes championed by the Salem Rotary Club.  The majority goes to scholarships for Salem high school students

How can you resist?  Great gift for you or a friend or relative (think of people who have either lived here in Salem or visited and loved it here!)  Awesome weekly chance to win $100.  And a nice way to support the worthy causes in Salem, all wrapped up in an easily mailed calendar.

I hope to see you here, purchasing many Salem Rotary Calendars.

Thank you,

Juli (and the Salem Rotary Club)

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