Thursday, November 14, 2013

Roger L. Putnam Vocational Technical Academy Visits the Hawthorne Hotel

Hospitality and Tourism Class, Putnam Vocational Technical Academy
Yesterday we were visited by a very large group from this school which is located in Springfield, MA.  They loved coming here to see what an independent hotel is like, and we gave them a full tour, including all the "public" areas (restaurants, banquet facilities and guest rooms) as well as the "back of the house" including the kitchen, the laundry and our storerooms and offices.

Here is a bit about their program, from their website:


The mission of the Roger L. Putnam Vocational Technical Academy is to provide a world class academic and technical education that will prepare all our students for post-secondary success in the global marketplace. Putnam graduates will continue to be lifelong learners and productive responsible citizens.

Hospitality and Tourism Management (H&T) offers exciting opportunities for students from freshman year to graduation. 

Over the past several years, our program has grown considerably—with 72 enrolled students by year end.  Areas of concentration include: health and safety; sanitation; fundamentals of food service; hospitality sales and marketing; menu planning; restaurant management; dining room service activities; banquet and catering services; hospitality and travel destinations; customer service; rooms division management and operations; housekeeping; security and facilities management.  

It is our goal to train students for beginning level employment and encourage hospitality management post-secondary education. 


At the end of the tour we gathered for these photos you see on this blog post, taken by my assistant Kayleigh M.  Just for fun I encouraged them to get in the "spirit" of Salem and do their best zombie-like pose.  Here is that photo:

I hope you enjoy seeing a little bit of the "extra" things that we do to support the future of the hospitality industry, and education in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

And of course, I hope to see you here.


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  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Awesome! The kids were checking out the blog and loved it! Thank you for your awesome Hospitality Juli.

    Elizabeth Cortes