Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving

I thought you might enjoy some photos of what we are doing today to get ready for Thanksgiving at "our" place -- the historic Hawthorne Hotel.  When you serve about 800 people a bountiful Grand Buffet like we do, you have to be organized and prepared.  Here are just a few sights that I have seen around the hotel today.

We planning out who is going to do what:

Liz Dube, Karen O'Kane, Richard Mullaney and Ken O'Keefe working on planning for not just Thanksgiving, but also for everything that will go on this weekend and into next week.
 We are cutting lots of beautiful salmon into serving-sized portions:

We are roasting lots and lots of turkeys -- here is a view of them as they are just getting going in our slow-cooker ovens:

Here they are nice and golden brown.  Some of the turkeys are done for now -- we will carve some of them to expedite service tomorrow, and lay them out in pans with our homemade turkey stock to keep them moist.
 We received hundreds of flowers to decorate the tables:

And we baked off a lot of fruit pies.

This is just a tiny bit of what went on here today to get ready for Thanksgiving.  I am sure that if you are getting ready for this special day at your home you are also doing a lot of extra cooking and decorating.  We hope you and your family and friends have a wonderful special day together.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Juli and the TEAM of the Hawthorne Hotel

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