Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Delicious Vietnamese Dining

I know from personal experience that having a variety of dining experiences to choose from is something that can make a destination very appealing.  Salem is very fortunate in that regard, because we have a number of interesting restaurants both right in Salem, and in the surrounding communities.

One such restaurant is an excellent Vietnamese and Chinese restaurant called Sugarcane.  It is located just over the border between Salem and Peabody, at 106 Main Street in Peabody.  Here is a link to their website, from which you can see all of their menu options:  Sugarcane Restaurant Website.  Not only is it conveniently located only about a 10 minute drive from the Hawthorne Hotel, but they also deliver to Salem, making it just about perfect in my book.  Add on to all of that the fact that they are open every day, and have extended dining hours (you can get a late lunch or early dinner which I find very convenient),their prices are very reasonable and the restaurant is clean and nicely decorated, making it a restaurant you should not miss.

Personally I prefer Vietnamese foods from this restaurant, mainly because I like the fresh, light flavors of that cuisine.  I thought you might enjoy some photos of what constitute our favorite foods there:

First up are the Chicken Lettuce Cups.  On the current menu these are $8 and you get enough "stuff" to make about 6-8 lettuce wrapped bundles of deliciousness.  Ground chicken is sauteed with tiny pieces of fresh green beans and a lot of other tasty things, and served with a sweet sauce based on hoisin, and a stack of crisp iceberg lettuce cups.  This is a delicious appetizer that you cannot miss.

 Next you see some Summer Rolls.  Here is the menu description:

Fresh Summer Roll (2 pc.)
Shrimp, pork, lettuce, basil and vermicelli wrapped in fresh rice paper, served with peanut dipping sauce.

 We also adore the Nem Cuon which we did not order this time, but is one of our favorites.
"Nem Cuon" Summer Roll with grilled meat. (2 pc.)
Grilled meat (pork), cucumber, fresh basil & crispy noodle wrapped in rice paper.

Next you see the Spicy Beef Salad.  This is so refreshing, but you must like "spicy-hot" because this menu item lives up to its name.  It does say medium-rare beef, and that is always what is delivered. 
Spicy Beef Salad 
Medium-rare sliced beef tossed with celery, carrots, mint leaves, peanuts, scallion, and onion.
 Again in the spicy vein, you will see their Singapore Noodles.  These are so tasty, and loaded with all kinds of meats and shrimp.  Just the best!

Angel Hair Singapore Style 
Spicy curry rice noodle with chicken, roast pork, shrimp, onion, peppers and bean sprouts.

I hope you enjoy this pictorial look at one of our favorite restaurants.

Oh, and if you enjoy a cocktail, beer or wine with your meal, this restuarant has a full liquor license as well.

I hope to see you here, or there.

Juli (and Walt who always enjoys this part of his "husbandly-duties")

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