Saturday, November 02, 2013

And the Winner Is. . . .

Our annual "Guess the Weight of the Giant Pumpkin Contest" is so popular that tabulating the votes is a monumental project all by itself.  Layer that on the fact that it happens during our otherwise busiest time of the year, and you can see why we cannot instantly declare the winner.

Now that we have tabulated them all (1,263 total entries) and sorted them to determine if all entries were eligible according to the rules, and then sorted them again to find the winners, we are pleased to announce those winners right here, but first we thought that you might like to know what happened to the pumpkin.

This year, for the second year in a row, the pumpkin began to ferment and we had to get it out of the building.  Fortunately it just made it through the last full weekend before Halloween, so the majority of our guests got to see it and got to put in their guesses,

Once the pumpkin made its demise known we quickly escorted it from the building, and once again we donated it to a friend in the McIntire District, John Carr, who has a more than thirty-year tradition of carving giant pumpkins into Jack-o-Lanterns for all the little (and big) children to see on Halloween night.

He will make sure the seeds find their way back to the grower, which is part of what we have to agree to do when we purchase any giant pumpkin, and then he will return the cart that we all used to tote this behemoth around to its various display places, to Mary Woodcock who is a local grower of giant pumpkins (although not this year's -- but she did let us use her cart -- thanks so much!)

So now that you know the "rest of the story" here is what you have been waiting for:

The weight of the Giant Pumpkin was 1,307 pounds.


First place, with the guess that was exactly correct at 1,307 pounds was Evan Przebowski of Arlington, NY, won an overnight stay in a SUITE!

Second place was Cindy McConaughy of Providence, RI. won a Complimentary Dinner for Two in Nathaniel's.

The runner-up was Robert Bartucca of Charlestown, MA.  Robert won our yummy Sunday Jazz Brunch for Two.

Congratulations to you all!!  We will be contacting you to arrange for you to get your prizes.

Thanks to everyone for participating in our contest.

Stay tuned for our next contest which is coming very soon.


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