Monday, October 14, 2013

"Treasuring" Shops in Salem

We are so lucky to have such interesting small shops in our vibrant Salem downtown area.  One of those shops is "Treasures Over Time", located at 139 Washington Street, between Essex and Front Streets, just a four-block walk from the Hawthorne Hotel.

Treasures is a delight, with literally something for everyone.  Not only do they sell beautiful jewelry, much of it created by Sivan Silverman Sergott is is co-owner and a certified gemologist, but they also offer a wide variety of other items, such as beautiful things for your home, cool individual pieces of gems and minerals (even boxed pieces that make great "favors" for only $5 each), wonderful replicas of vintage National Park Service posters, and gold and silver bouillon and a whole lot more.

Here are some photos of their shop:

A cool display of Halloween items including beautiful hand-blown pumpkins is something that Sivan is very happy to offer her customers.

Unique felt masks.  When I asked Sivan to model one she happily obliged me.  It is amazing how much a face mask can transform someone  I love that these are made out of felt, which would be so much more comfortable to wear.

Beautiful jewelry

Gorgeous treasures for your home.  "Natural" things are so lovely.

These pearls have miniature holes drilled in them and then they are fitted with other stones.  So lovely.

I love these green earrings.  (Hint, hint to husband.)

More cool seasonal items, this time to wear.

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Nestor Sergott is the co-owner and the person who specializes in rare coins and gold and silver.

Beautiful Natural Minerals for an Excellent Price $5 each or if you
get 5 of more they are only $4 each.  Great gifts for folks "back home"!

Replica National Park Service Posters
One more thing -- they do jewelry repair, cleaning, etc. so if you are missing that service from Bernard's, this might be just the place for you to go.

If you stop in, be sure to tell Sivan and Nestor that Juli sent you!  Have fun there.



  1. Thanks Juli for you wonderful post of our shop! And, Happy Halloween to all your guests!

  2. Karen E9:36 PM

    One of my favorite shops in Salem. I ordered a few of the Halloween charms. Classic Halloween! Ask Sivan about the stones and their meaning. I have also had several pieces repaired and redesigned! Have something you don't wear much, ask Sivan for suggestions on making it new again. Don't miss this wonderful store and the owners!