Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's a Very Small World

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of hosting not one, but two couples for their wedding anniversary dinner.  The unusual aspect of this story is that they both got married here at the Hawthorne Hotel 30 years ago to the day, but they never met before this evening event all this many years later.

They met because they were seated right next to each other in the restaurant!   As is our custom we always try to find out if there is a special occasion being celebrated, and in this case we learned that they BOTH had the same anniversary, and they BOTH got married and had their receptions in our Grand Ballroom, one in the afternoon and one at night.  

The first picture is of Kris and Wayne Johnson, who are the couple who had the evening reception.  

The second picture is of Don and Jean Philbrick, now of Florida, who had the afternoon reception. They were also staying with us on this special evening.

That third picture is a photo of Don and Jean on their wedding day.  

We LOVE this kind of story, as it really embodies the special aspects of running not just a function hall, and not just a hotel, and not just a restaurant, but all three -- and having all three businesses under one roof means we get to really participate in the lives of our customers in a special way.

If you are thinking of having a "life event" such as a wedding reception, this is something to keep in mind.  Utilizing an historic hotel such as the Hawthorne should give you a significant amount of comfort that when it comes time to celebrate milestone anniversaries, our business is much more likely to still be around for you when those special dates arrive on the calendar.

Congratulations to the Johnson's and the Philbrick's!  We hope to see you again for you next anniversary.

And thank you to Elizabeth Buchanan and Jasmina Conley of our team for making sure they took photos and got this information to me for this blog post, despite it being a busy night.

I hope to see you here.


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