Friday, October 18, 2013

Food, PEM, The Garden and Me

Recently I asked Dinah Cardin of PEM's Public Relations staff to join me for lunch when I went to the Garden Restaurant there to test out some of our seasonal menu changes.  She said "yes" with great enthusiasm, so I knew we would have a lovely lunch meeting.

Here are some photos of some of the recent menu items we tried:

Warm Red Pepper and Kale Spread, to Share 
Red Wine-Braised Chicken Breast with Sauteed Fall Greens

I didn't realize that she was going to write about me, but she did. I especially enjoyed Dinah's blog post because her writing style is so "easy" to like, so I have put a link directly to her post right here so you can read it: PEMs Blog, Connected .  There is even a photo of me taken a one of these photos!

Thanks, Dinah!

Here is one of our desserts for you to enjoy vicariously, as well.
Creme Brulee with Fresh Berries

I hope you enjoy all of this enough to come to the Garden Restaurant for lunch some day soon.  Remember you do not need to pay admission to the Museum in order to just eat in either restaurant.  Even when the weather is not cooperative, like it was yesterday, for dining al fresco, the cozy inside room will be ready and waiting for you.  To make reservations, call 978-542-1618.

Here is a link to the Fall Menu:  Garden Menu, Fall 2013/Winter 2013

We look forward to seeing you there, or here.


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