Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Bit of Our "Musical" Past

I recently received an email from our Front Desk Manager, Andy Seidel.  He tells the story very well, so I am just going to copy it here for you.

"I took a picture on the MOD camera today of two women by the piano in Nat’s. They came in to check out the Hotel, because they used to sing in the Hotel’s bar (which was located where Sophia’s and Nat’s is now) back in 1970! In fact, both of them sang here while Elizabeth Montgomery stayed here for Bewitched.

Their names are Joanne Birks and Michelle Marquis. They met in spring of 1970 while they were both singing here as solo acts, but later formed a duo called Two’s Company and toured all over the country together for six years afterwards. They remember that there was a carving station in the bar, and a 17-year-old busboy named Donny used to work the carving station. Donny sang and played guitar too, and actually played with both of them on occasion after their stint at the Hawthorne was over.

Joanne Birks was in the original Sound of Music production on Broadway, and Michelle Marquis was in a 1960’s all-female rock band called The Pandoras, which was based in Boston."

I love these quirky stories about the people who have enjoyed having the Hawthorne Hotel be part of their life story, and I really appreciate it when we have the opportunity to gather some of this information together to share with you, fair blog readers.

I hope you enjoy it.  Thanks, Andy, for capturing this moment!


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