Friday, September 13, 2013

Our Window Boxes Are a Symbol of the Hawthorne Hotel

So many people tell us how much they enjoy seeing our beautiful flowers in our window boxes. Unfortunately, the time has come to replace them.  We have been working on this project since late winter, because it is just such a huge amount of specialty work.

John Jeffers is an extraordinary man with millwork, so this job was right up his alley.  He has been working on it all summer, and the project has left his shop and gone to a shop to be coated with a marine epoxy on the inside.

Now we are in the home stretch, adding the finishing coats of paint to match our existing woodwork around the hotel.  Here are some photos of the planter boxes in need of replacement, and the new ones being readied:

 Barry Eliuk of our maintenance department putting the finishing coats of paint on the new planter boxes.

There are more waiting to be painted. . . .sometimes we use our catering truck as a movable storeroom, as in this case.

Stay tuned.  I will be sure to write about this project as it is concluded.


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