Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

We love to be a part of any special celebration, and love it even more when people who have a special connection to the Hawthorne come back to visit.

Last Wednesday we had a couple come to Nathaniel’s to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Albert and Alicia Belisle were married in the Hawthorne’s Grand Ballroom 42 years ago, and to help them celebrate we offered them some goodies with our compliments.

Albert and Alicia commented on some of the differences between then and now, explaining that when they were married, the band cost only $150, and that the meal had cost them around $6.75 per person!

Fad and prices may change, but the timeless elegance of the Hawthorne Hotel remains the same.  That is something to think about when you are planning your wedding.

I hope to see you here,


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