Friday, September 27, 2013

Creating Happy Memories

Being in the hospitality business is as much about creating happy memories as it is about any other aspect of what we do.  I constantly remind our team members that we are not in the HOTEL business, we are in the HOSPITALITY business, and when you remember that, everything else flows along just perfectly.

This past weekend we encountered Elizabeth Masters, who along with her husband Stephen, was chosen as  our VIP of the Day on Saturday, September 22.  They are here celebrating Elizabeth’s birthday. 

As part of our VIP of the Day program, we ask if we can honor our guest(s) by flying any particular flag that we own for them while they are here.  Elizabeth and Stephen requested the Virginia flag  and we flew it in their honor.  

Here are some pictures of them with the flag and the Hawthorne Hotel awning (they really wanted all of that in the picture, so it is a little far away from them) and also with Elizabeth over by our Bewitched memorabilia. Elizabeth is a HUGE Bewitched fan, and a big fan of Elizabeth Montgomery in particular.

Today I received a very kind and detailed email from Elizabeth about her stay, and learned about the travails she experienced that had to do with her just getting to our hotel.  Here is a bit of her email for you to read: 

 . . . . . .your staff and hotel room, food was everything I pumped myself up for.  These folks need to be given kudos for a job well done.  I will forever hold the Hawthorne Hotel as my number one place I stayed in as the best everJ  . . . 

We are so pleased to have created such perfect hospitality for the Masters, and look forward to welcoming them back again soon.  

I hope to see you here as well, to experience the best Hospitality that the Hawthorne Hotel has to offer.


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