Thursday, August 29, 2013

Who is Yes-sica?

Earlier this week we surprised Jessica Herrick of our Front Desk Team with the award for Part-time Employee of the Month, July 2013.  Here are some photos of the presentation, starting with the surprise on Jess' face as we ambushed her right at the Front Desk:

 In this photo below you can see a number of the managers who filed behind the front desk to join me in congratulating Jessica on her selection for this award.
Back Left to Front:  Joann Delp, Controller; Alaina Ferriero, Sales Manager; Claire Kallelis, Assistant General Manager; Elizabeth Buchanan, Evening Manager; Andy Seidel, Front Office Manager; Jessica Herrick; and Juli Lederhaus, General Manager
 In these photos above and below you see Andy Seidel who is our Front Office Manager giving a speech about why he nominated Jessica for this award.  He started off by saying how incredibly busy and hectic that July was, with many changes and personnel situation going on.  He then segued in to the fact that he had renamed Jessica "Yes-sica" because she always says "Yes" whenever he asks her for help.  We all broke out laughing at this quip, but it is indeed very true.

While Jessica has a full-time job elsewhere, she seems to remain firmly rooted at the Hawthorne Hotel, caring deeply about our guests and her co-workers.  So now you too can call her "Yes-sica" and understand why that nickname is so apt, and so likely to stick around.
 In this photo below you see Jess shaking hands with guests Dominic Marinelli from Buffalo, NY.  He was checking in to the hotel at the time we were doing this presentation, and he got right in to the spirit of the event.  He even agreed to be blogged!

Above, Left to Right:  Andy Seidel, Front Desk Manager; Elizabeth Buchanan, Evening Manager; Jessica Herrick, Employee of the Month; Juli Lederhaus, General Manager

Congratulations, Jessica!  I hope all of our Blog, FaceBook and Twitter friends will join me in congratulating you!

Special thanks to Thomas MacDonald for taking these great candid photos!



  1. Denis Castleton11:48 AM


    Congratulations ! Way to Go Jessica !! I'm so Happy for U. Glad for ya !!.

    I'm honour to know a wonderful person as you.
    A pleasure always to see Jess & sharing many stories & photo shoots @ The Hawthorne.

    Congrads !! once more Jessica 'Jess' Herrick (Y)

  2. HAHAHA! Thank you everyone!