Saturday, August 10, 2013

Super Shower Curtains

Several of our guests have asked about purchasing one of our shower curtains after having experienced them during their stays with us.  So we have decided to make them available in our gift shop for purchase.

Here are some photos and a description of what makes them special:

Special feature #1 -- no hooks needed to install them.  They have a unique set of slit rings that you just lightly press onto the shower curtain rod and they are hung.  Very simple.

Special Feature #2 -- They have "snap-in" and "snap-out" liners so that changing the liner to wash it is very simple.

Special feature #3 -- the top fourth of the shower curtain is a very light mesh which allows the air to circulate in the bathroom.  Circulating air is very important to keep the freshness of the air, and keep down mold and mildew growth which happens in bathrooms everywhere.

If you want to buy one (or more) of these, they are available at the hotel front desk for only $59 plus tax each.  These are very high quality shower curtains, made to withstand the rigors of hotel use.  Give us a call at 978-744-4080.

I hope to see you here, but not in the shower!


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