Monday, August 12, 2013

Kind words for the Hawthorne Team

We love when our guests ask us to help them celebrate a special occasion. Bill and Phillip recently stayed with us to celebrate Bill's birthday, and we were able to help Phil surprise him with a delicious dessert. This is the e-mail and photograph that Bill wrote to me to thank everyone at the Hawthorne Hotel for their fantastic stay. It really warmed our hearts and we wanted to share with you.
I hope to see you here!


We just wanted to let you know how wonderful our stay was at your hotel.

The staff was welcoming and went above and beyond! Starting with our arrival at around 10am on the 1st of August. We were greeted warmly and with enthusiasm by a young lady at the desk (I wish I had gotten her name) and Andy. What wonderful people! Andy gave us passes to Peabody Essex Museum since it was my birthday. He also took the time to show us different sites on the map plus some that weren't. Which was much appreciated. We went on our way around town. Andy said he would call when our room was ready. Since we were on the trolley we missed the call but be called twice and left a voice mail.

When we arrived back at the hotel we were again greeted by Andy and Liz. Later when we came back for the night my fiancĂ© Phil went down stairs. I would find out soon that with the help of Liz and Sarah at the desk he picked out a dessert for me. It was brought up to our room by two more wonderful ladies who wished me a happy birthday. The dessert was wonderful they even found candles to place in the strawberries. This was so wonderful I literally cried.  Your staff is exceptional!! They made us feel like we were home. It didn't feel like a hotel. We would get off the elevator and look left and as long as they weren't busy they said hi and asked how we were doing. This was our first vacation together and the first for either of us in years.

We had high expectations and they were all met by your hotel and staff.Andy Liz and Sarah and everyone else deserve a round of applause and more. Thank you all so much. We can't wait to make a return visit! It's a home away from home for us. I added a photo of the wonderful presentation provided by your staff!! This was the greatest birthday I've ever had and it was my 40th.

Thank You

Bill H. and Phillip P.

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