Friday, August 09, 2013

Halloween Makeup Artist Extraordinaire

If you have been friends with "us" on Facebook for awhile you will already know that we start planning for "next" Halloween before the current Halloween is even over, so we are no stranger to thinking in advance.

If you are planning to have some super make-up as part of your Halloween costume this year, you will want to make an appointment with Ginny Colangelo of so that you will get the most perfect "look" to complete your costume.

Here are some photos to wet your appetite for Halloween and Ginny's great talent:

Here is a link to her testimonials page, and from there you can access her entire website.   Boston Face Painters  There are tons more photos on her website as well.

If you have not yet purchased your tickets for the biggest Halloween party in all of the Halloween capital of the United States, #SalemMA, you need to do so soon in order to get the early bird pricing.  Here is the link for those:  Purchase Tickets for Halloween Party Here

I hope to see you here.


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