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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Because we get asked a number of questions over and over again, we thought that putting together a list of them, with our answers to those questions, would be helpful.  The Frequently Asked Questions list is located as a link, right on the home page of our website.  For your convenience, fair blog reader, here is the link, FAQs   and here they all are as well:

What time is check-in at the Hotel?

Our guaranteed check-in time is 4pm. If you would like to request an earlier check-in, please let
us know in advance so we may inform housekeeping on the morning of your arrival. While it is
not guaranteed, we always do our best to make sure any guests who request early check-ins are
accommodated as quickly as possible.

What time is check-out?

Check-out time is 11am. Please let the front desk know if you would like to request a late checkout. We do our best to accommodate these requests on a case-by-case basis and subject to
availability. If you need to extend check-out time significantly, we do offer half-day rates
depending on availability. It is highly likely that if you need to leave your car in our parking
lot later than the check-out time we will easily be able to accommodate that until at least 4 pm.
Please just check with the front desk.

Is there Internet access, what kind, and what is the charge? 

We provide complimentary Internet access via Wi-Fi for all hotel guests. It is password
protected, so you will need to obtain the password when you check-in to the hotel. It is very
robust service, having been completely upgraded late in 2012 with increased bandwidth as well.
It is important to know that it is “area” specific, so if you log-in in your guest room, and want to
use it in the lobby instead, you will need to re-log-in to the “Lobby” room, or the name of the
room where you are using it, for the best possible experience.

Is there parking for guests at the Hotel?

There is a complimentary parking lot located directly behind the Hotel building, as well as a
satellite lot just across the street. We provide parking passes for overnight guests upon checkin. People attending events at the Hotel or dining at one of our onsite restaurants may park in
the lots as well, although parking is only guaranteed for our overnight guests.

Do you offer valet parking?

Occasionally we will have a special event take place here that wants to have valet parking made
available to their guests. That would be the only time valet parking would occur. Generally it
is not available.

Do you need reservations to dine in your onsite restaurants?

If you are interested in dining in Nathaniel’s, our fine dining restaurant, reservations are not
always needed, but are much appreciated and highly recommended. You can make
reservations through the Hotel’s front desk or by calling (978) 825-4311, or extension 4311 from
your guest room phone. Reservations for Nathaniel’s may also be made through
www.OpenTable.com or through the link to OpenTable on our Hawthorne Hotel website.

Our casual restaurant, the Tavern on the Green, does not accept reservations; seating there is on
a first-come basis. However, we can take your name down on our waiting list, if there is one,
and call you in your room, or on your cellphone, when your table is ready.

Is there a pool at the Hotel? 

We do not have a pool located in the Hotel; however we do offer complimentary passes to the
Salem YMCA for our guests. The YMCA has two swimming pools and a very large fitness
center with indoor walking track, men’s and women’s steam and sauna rooms, and two indoor
basketball courts as well. The YMCA is located approximately an 8-minute walk, or 3-minute
drive from our hotel. There is a metered lot there.

Is there a fitness center at the Hotel?

There is modest fitness center on the second floor of the Hotel. It is a small facility that has a
very nice, large treadmill and exercise bicycle, and some free weights, as well as a television,
and which can be accessed by your guest room key. If you seek a larger space and range of
equipment, and even classes, we do offer complimentary passes to the Salem YMCA.

Are your rooms pet-friendly?

Some of our rooms are set aside for our guests traveling with pets. We offer a doggie room
service menu, and our canine friends receive a complimentary welcome gift from the
Hawthorne Hotel when they check in. There is a daily fee per pet of $15, and pet-owners must
register all pets and sign a pet-policy form on arrival.

If I know what specific room I want can I request that room? 

We can take requests for specific room numbers; however we cannot guarantee that a certain
room will be available for certain dates. We will also do our best to find a room most similar to
the one you have requested if for some reason your first choice is not available.

Do you have “smoking” rooms?

Yes, we have five such rooms, all located on the second floor. Smoking is not allowed
anywhere else in the hotel, by Salem ordinance. Smoking in a non-smoking room carries a
hefty fee, so we respectfully require adherence to our non-smoking policy in our non-smoking

Is there an elevator in the hotel?

Yes, there are two. While they are quaint in appearance, all of the operating equipment for
them is the latest-available technology.

Are there microwaves and refrigerators in the rooms?

No, there are not. However, you can rent a mini-fridge from us for a small fee. Simply reserve
the refrigerator when you reserve your room. While we do not have microwaves available, we
are happy to do something like warm a baby’s bottle for you at either restaurant.

Are there hair-dryers and related kinds of devices in the guest rooms?

Yes, there are hair-dryers, magnifying makeup mirrors, irons and ironing boards, clock radios
with iPhone/iPod docking stations and connections for other devices through an MP3-

Many of the table lamps have additional electrical receptacles built-in to the base, so it makes
connecting your personal devices such as computers and cell/camera chargers very easy.

Are there coffee makers in the rooms?

No, there are not. However, we do have complimentary coffee and tea service available in the
lobby every morning from 5am to 11am, and all of our overnight guests may receive
complimentary coffee/tea “to-go” from our Tavern Restaurant from 11am to Midnight. If you
want this service during the overnight hours, the front desk staff can assist you in obtaining
coffee or tea with our compliments during this time.

Do you provide transportation from Logan Airport to the Hotel?

While we do not have our own shuttle service, we do work with several car service companies
in the area and we would be happy to make reservations for you to get to and from the Hotel.
The charges vary.

Is there public transportation from Logan Airport to Salem?

Yes, there is a bus that runs from Logan Airport to Salem. This is definitely the least expensive
way to get to Salem. It is the #459 bus on the MBTA system. There is little room for luggage,
but a carry-on would probably be acceptable. Here is a link to the information that the MBTA
has on-line as of June 2013. The first link is to the Route Map and the second is to the schedule:
MBTA link 1

MBTA link 2

What about getting in to Boston by other public transportation?

Boston is easily accessible by Commuter Rail to North Station (which is also the site of the TD
Bank Garden, home to the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins). The trip only takes 29 minutes
from Salem into North Station. The Salem T stop is located 3 blocks from the Hawthorne Hotel.
During the summer months the Salem Ferry runs from Blaney St. wharf to the New England
Aquarium at 1 Central Wharf in Boston. For more information, go to their website:
Salem Ferry Link/

If I am having something shipped to the Hotel prior to or during my stay, how should I go 
about that?

Simply have the package shipped to the Hawthorne Hotel, 18 Washington Square West, Salem,
MA, 01970, Attention: Your Name, Arrival Date: ___________. When it arrives, the front desk
will hold it for you to pick-up at your convenience. It is a simple as that!
If you are shipping multiple packages, for example for a conference, we would appreciate a
phone call in advance notifying us of the shipment. Call 978-744-4080 for more information.
There may be a charge for handling and storing large quantities of packages.

We are planning to have a party in our room. What is your “quiet-time policy?”

Thank you for asking. We have a quiet-time policy of zero tolerance for noise after 12:15am
each and every evening.

In addition please note that due to license restrictions on our liquor license, no “outside” 
alcohol may be brought into the hotel. Only liquor purchased from the Hawthorne Hotel may
be consumed anywhere in the Hawthorne Hotel, including the Hotel guest rooms.

Do you have a laundry facility?

Within the building there is not a self-service laundry facility. There is a self-service laundry
located about three blocks from the Hotel. We do offer same-day wash-and-fold service to our
overnight guests, as well as same-day dry cleaning service, Monday through Friday. Items
must be turned in to the front desk by 8am to be handled the same day. Please note that service
is not available on weekends and holidays.

Do you have adjoining rooms?

There is a common misconception regarding the term “adjoining rooms” regarding hotel rooms.
The term adjoining simply means the rooms are right next door to one another. Often times
people use that term when they mean “connecting rooms” whereby there is a door between the
rooms for passage between the rooms without going out into the hallway. Obviously we have a
number of adjoining rooms, but we do not have any connecting rooms, save those rooms which
are sold as “one” rooms, such as our suites, and room 325 which consists of two bedrooms
connecting through the shared bathroom. If you describe to us what you are trying to
accomplish, we can make recommendations about the best way to provide for your needs.

Do you have a gift shop in the Hotel?

We offer some items of a “gift shop” nature in the hotel, although there is not an actual shop
here. You can see some of the items in the curio cabinet next to the entrance to the Tavern on
the Green. There are postcards, cards and books available to browse through at the Front Desk,
and you can purchase the items you see in the curio cabinet there, as well as some popular
sundries such as OTC pain killers, contact lens solution, playing cards, breath mints and similar

We have an “on-line” gift shop which features a few of our more popular gift items. You may
access it at Hawthorne Hotel Gift Shop.

What if I want to order an amenity to be delivered to my guest room, or that of a friend or 
business colleague?

We offer a number of amenities to be delivered for you, including fresh flowers, the traditional
fruit and cheese amenities, as well as cold milk or Hawthorne Hotel root beer and warm
chocolate chip cookies. For more information please call 978-744-4080. If you are ordering
these for yourself, you can easily add them on to any reservation that you book on our website, www.hawthornehotel.com.

When was the Hawthorne Hotel built?

The Hawthorne Hotel opened to the public in July of 1925. It was built by “public subscription”
in a fund-raising drive that for its day was much like “KickStarter” might be today. The drive
was led by the Salem Rotary Club and the Salem Chamber of Commerce, with Frank C. Poor
leading the way.

Is the Hotel haunted?

Not that any of us have experienced. We had T.A.P.S. do an investigation a number of years
ago, and they could not find anything. You may still be able to find that episode on YouTube.

Are bicycle rentals available at the Hotel or nearby?

Yes, seasonally the City of Salem has a dozen bicycles that are available to check-out for day rides, free of
charge, and they are located right here at the Hawthorne Hotel. One only needs to present a
current ID and Credit Card to check out a bike at the front desk. Must be 18 years old or older
to use this program.


I hope to see you here, with all your questions answered!


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