Thursday, August 08, 2013

Evans Flowers -- A New Preferred Vendor

For decades we have had a Preferred Vendor relationship for flowers from Peter Barter Florist on Pickering Wharf.  Recently due to failing health, Peter and Hilda decided to sell the shop, so we had to find another florist to add to our list of two for our guests to choose from when they book a wedding package here.

We are pleased to have joined in such a relationship with Michele and Dennis Feld of Evans Flowers in Peabody, Massachusetts.

Last week I visited their shop to take some photos to share with you, our loyal blog readers, so you will have an idea about the nice folks that they are, and the lovely flowers that they provide.

One of the interesting features to me, about their shop, is that their floral designers are working in brightly lit spaces right where everyone can see their work.  I think that showing work in progress like this is a wonderfully progressive thing, and I hope you enjoy that too.

One thing I learned is that they have full length mirrors at each station so that the designers can see how the bouquets they are creating will look to the bride and the guests.  I thought that was a very interesting and professional detail, indicative of a business that really goes the extra mile in its pursuit of excellence.
This is Vi, one of the two designers that I met the day I visited.  I understand that there are four designers on the team of Evans Flowers.
Here is Andrea, the other designer who was working when I went to their shop last week.
Co-owner, Michele Feld, is a smiling and welcoming presence to anyone who enters the shop.
The shop has big bunches of cut flowers, in case you want to "do-it-yourself" -- a nice touch that not all flower shops offer.
They also have some ready-made bouquets that are there to "grab and go" so if something comes up and you need an arrangement, you can just stop by the shop, located at 49 Warren Street in Peabody.  There is plenty of parking at the shop, so it makes it very convenient, and the location is really easy to get to.

More "cut" flowers!  So pretty!!
These hanging terrariums filled with bromeliads and the like were interesting and unique, and would be a great gift.

They also make "everlasting" arrangements that were made with flowers which were so "lifelike" that I had to touch them to see for myself.
Their greenhouse has a lot of tropical plants, so if you are looking for a live plant as a gift there are plenty to choose from here.

 Here are Dennis Feld, owner, and designer, Vi, dropping off some wedding bouquets to the Hawthorne Hotel this past weekend.

Beautiful "all-white" bouquet for the bride.
Michelle and Dennis Feld, owners of Evans Flowers 

I hope you have a chance to check out this lovely shop, filled with nice people!

Of course I also hope to see you here.


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