Friday, August 23, 2013

Creepy (in a Good Way) To Say the Least

It is very rare that when I write a blog post the hair on the back of my neck stands at attention.  However, that is definitely the case with this one.

Last Thanksgiving as I was going table to table in the dining room I met a young man by the name of Christopher Cinquemani.  (BTW, Cinquemani means "five hands" and yes, that is his family name.)  He shared with me that he was relatively new to Salem, that he had an on-line store that dealt in "strange medical devices and Victorian oddities, etc, and that he was looking for a storefront in Salem.

Well, the store-front hunting experience turned out well for Christopher, and his business is now located at 2 North Street (at the corner of Essex Street) right across North Street from the Salem Witch House.

As predicted the store is specializing in strange medical devices, Victorian oddities, macabre and dark antique items, scarce erotica, bones, cemetery, occult and more, with strong focus on a dark design element as key.

When I asked Christopher about his shop, he said he did it because he has "a love of the items" and that he finds them "cool and interesting, different and unique, and wonderful."  When you hear him talk about his merchandise there is clearly a passion in his voice for what he does.

A visit to this shop should be the "must see" list of anyone who visits Salem because they enjoy the macabre. While photos inside this cool little shop are not allowed, the owner, Christopher, let us take photos to share with you, fair blog readers, so consider yourselves privileged!  Here are our shots:

In case you are wondering, all items are obtained through legal channels, and you will not find Christopher sourcing his items in a macabre manner.  His website explains more.

5 Hands Curiosity Shop (Tumbler site)


FaceBook Page

I hope to see you here.



  1. why doesn't he allow photo's. just curious?

  2. I don't know, we did not ask him, but there are signs all over the place saying so. Perhaps you can post that question on his FaceBook page?