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Cinema Salem and the Tavern -- a Great Combo

Here is CinemaSalem's weekly newsletter.  If you are coming for a visit to Salem, you will definitely want to catch their "home grown" movies mentioned here. [noted below but recopied for you right here:  The True 1692 will screen Friday through Thursday at 2:00. and 6:30. The Spirit of Salem will screen on Friday-Thursday at 11 am, and This Perfect Place: A Natural History of the Massachusetts North Shore will screen Friday-Thursday at noon.]

If you are simply coming to downtown Salem to catch a show at this ultra-quirky excellent little movie theater, make sure you plan a stop in the Tavern, either before or after the show.  Maybe you will choose to have the newest of our appetizers, a saute of exotic mushrooms with wine, Parmesan cheese and melted leeks, served with grilled rustic bread for dipping and noshing.  This is a great appetizer to share.

I hope to see you here.



We're planning a few big events during Labor Day weekend, August 31-September 2, to thank our Kickstarter Backers and show our appreciation to all our CinemaSalem patrons.

To show off our new digital projection and sound equipment, and to showcase the 3D capability in Theater Two, we're bringing in Raiders of the Lost Ark 3D on Sunday, September 1 at 8:30 pm, and we're bringing in How to Train Your Dragon to play each weekend morning at 10 am (that's Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, August 31 through September 2 at 10 am.)

Kickstarter Backers (with a Backer Keycard, or any other proof of backerhood) can attend any and all of these four film screenings for free! If you're not a CinemaSalem Kickstarter Backer, you can still attend for the incredibly affordable admission cost of $6.

Both of these great films regularly find themselves on the "Top Ten 3D Films of All Time" lists, so we're sure that you and our whole family will enjoy these fun events.

Now let's get right to this week's exciting schedule!
Now Playing: Lee Daniel's The Butler (PG13); The Look of Love (NR); Elysium (R); The Conjuring (R); The Way, Way Back (PG13); The Spirit of Salem 3D; This Perfect Place; and The True 1692 in 3D!

As mentioned last week, we're very happy to have landed a print of Lee Daniels' The Butler which represents the beginning of this year's unofficial Oscar Season. The New York Post: "A star-filled labor of love that certainly has its heart in the right place, and scores dramatically often enough to recommend it." AALBC: "Kudos to Lee Daniels for crafting such a gut-wrenching tour de force which never hits a false note while chronicling critical moments in the African-American fight for equality." Entertainment Weekly: " An ambitious, sweeping period drama that manages to be incredibly affecting and feel as if the words ''For Your Consideration'' are stamped across every frame."

Lee Daniels' The Butler will screen on Friday and Saturday at (12:30), (3:45), 6:45 and 9:40; and Sunday-Thursday at 12:30, 3:45 and 6:45.

Opening this week in the Screening Room is The Look of Love, the story of a man who's been called "Britain's Hugh Hefner". Chicago Sun-Times: "Double-billing comic and tragic tones, the biopic The Look of Love follows a father and a daughter over three decades in London's swinging Soho." New York Times: "A keenly observed period piece that keeps a celebrity journalist's distance from its subject." New York Daily News: "Compelling entertainment, as any biopic about Paul Raymond ought to be."

The Look of Love will screen on Friday and Saturday at (12:15), (3:00), (4:45), 7:20 and 9:30; and Sunday-Thursday at (12:15), (3:00), (4:45) and 7:20.

New to us this week is The Conjuring, the surprise, intelligent box office champ from a few week's back, riding a wave of critical acclaim. The Atlantic: "...there were moments where it seemed the entire theater was holding its breath. We were united in one feeling: terror." The New Yorker: "[Director James] Wan ... builds the many bumps in the night into a small Hitchcockian symphony of terror by way of long, eerie tracking shots, dramatic silences, and sudden scares that are frighteningly immersive." ViewLondon: "Hugely enjoyable, genuinely scary horror flick that provides a welcome throwback to classic 1970s chillers ."

The Conjuring will screen on Friday and Saturday at 7:00 and 9:30; and Sunday-Thursday at 7:00.

We're bringing back the wildly popular The Way, Way Back for another week. They love it in Australia as much as here, according to Radio Brisbane: "If you're tired of superhero movies and want to be charmed by a heart-warming comedy, this is the film for you." TW,WB will screen Friday-Thursday at (12:15), (2:35) and (4:45).

The posters for October's upcoming The History of Halloween have arrived in the CinemaSalem lobby.

Until that home-grown doc opens on October 3, you can check out our high-quality and popular local fare. The True 1692 will screen Friday through Thursday at 2:00. and 6:30. The Spirit of Salem will screen on Friday-Thursday at 11 am, and This Perfect Place: A Natural History of the Massachusetts North Shore will screen Friday-Thursday at noon.

Finally, don't forget about our unique presentation on September 12 at 7 pm when we screen A Dancer's Dream, which (as mentioned last week) earned this provocative rave from the New York Times: "Is this the future of the American symphony orchestra? We hope so."

Thanks for supporting CinemaSalem!

Paul Van Ness

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