Friday, July 19, 2013

So Long, Lucie! We Will Miss You!! Welcome, Andy to Your New Position!!

Today is a sad day for us here at the Hawthorne Hotel as we say "so long" and "a bientot" to Lucie Ogeron, our Front Office Manager.  Lucie has been with us for about six years, having started here as an intern completing some practical experience needed to obtain her hospitality degree from her school in France.

After completing that internship and returning to France, she eventually married a lovely American, Mark, and returned to the USA where I literally bumped into her at a Red Sox game the same day she landed back on US soil. Several months later she joined our front office team as a desk clerk, and eventually worked her way up through the ranks to her present position of Front Office Manager a few years ago.

Here she is on her last day, posing for one final photo in front of her beloved French flag that we flew in her honor on the front of the hotel.

Lucie is leaving us for a an extended visit back to France, and then a return to academia as she pursues an advanced degree in education.  Given what a terrific trainer and teacher she has been to our front office staff, we know she will succeed in this new career path she has chosen.

Today is also a happy day for us, in that we are welcoming Andy Seidel to his new position as Front Office Supervisor.  Andy was hired as our Evening Manager about a year ago, and it was a logical step for him to be promoted to this new role as Lucie is leaving us.

So please join me in welcoming Andy to his new position!

I know our guests join us in our best wishes to you both as you embark on these next stages of your lives.

Juli and the TEAM of the Hawthorne Hotel

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