Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Outside Looking In -- The Tavern at the Hawthorne Hotel

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Today as I walked to work it was a grey day, about 68 degrees.  I noticed how warm and inviting the Tavern looked.   Behind the flower boxes overflowing with ivory petunias, the little lamps glowed on the window sills.  I started thinking about how we have such great "curb appeal" at this hotel due in large measure to the window boxes full of seasonal flowers and plants.  Our maintenance and custodial departments do such a nice job of planting, watering, deadheading and otherwise maintaining them, and their dedication really shows.

I thought you, fair blog reader, might also like to see my perspective, so here are some photos I snapped.

When I go table to table to talk to our guests, I try to learn what makes them give us a try the first time.  Many of them say they were walking by and it (the hotel) just "looked nice" and sometimes they go on to say that they appreciated seeing the menu in our menu box, and that the menu "looked good". . . 
. . .  so I snapped a photo of our menu box as well.  Because your QR code reader won't be able to scan the QR code via this photo, I thought I would copy and paste the menu in this blog post for you as well.

Happy Hour Appetizers

4:30 till 6:00 ~ Monday - Friday

90 cents each*

* Happy Hour prices only valid with purchase of a beverage

Monday Cocktail Shrimp
garnished with a dollop of cocktail sauce

Tuesday Buffalo Chicken Slider
served with bleu cheese dressing

Wednesday All Beef Slider
garnished with lettuce, tomato and onion

Thursday Fried Shrimp Cozy
served with sesame-garlic dip

Friday Baked Stuffed Clams

Traditional Nachos
 crisp corn tortilla chips, layered with tomatoes, scallions, jalapenos, onions, cheddar and Jack cheeses, with salsa and sour cream 
10.95 ~~ with chicken   11.50

Nachos Mucho
traditional nachos decked out with an added layer of ground beef mixed
with refried beans   11.50

Three-Way Wings
chicken wings with hot sauce, maple-mustard,
and bleu cheese dressing 
small   7.95 ~~ large   9.95

Deep-Fried Chicken Fingers
with maple-mustard dip
and barbecue-ranch dip,
or Buffalo style with bleu cheese dressing   9.95

Lobster Quesadilla
scallions, roasted corn, Jack and cheddar cheese, cilantro-lime spread,
pico de gallo and sour cream   13.95

Chicken Quesadilla
peppers, onions, scallions, mushrooms, Jack and cheddar cheeses,
pico de gallo and sour cream   9.95

Hot Artichoke
and Sundried Tomato Dip
served with bagel chips   8.95

Tavern Sliders
Three of the same type per order

Burgers with
caramelized onions   8.25

Short Ribs with
horseradish cream   8.25

Buffalo Chicken with
Gorgonzola dressing   8.95

Crab Cake with
chipotle aioli   10.95

Grilled Shrimp
with grilled focaccia bread
and lemon-pesto aoili   11.95

Cornmeal-Fried Oysters
fresh greens and buttermilk dressing with orange zest   9.50

Vegetable Spring Rolls
cucumber salad
and spicy dipping sauce   7.95

Baskets of Fries
Classic French Fries   5.95
Sweet Potato Fries     6.95

Fried Onion Rings
barbecue-ranch dip
and maple-mustard dip   6.95

Duo of Stuffed Meatballs

with spicy marinara and creamy peppercorn dipping sauces   10.50

Soup du Jour
an ever-changing creation
cup   5.00   bowl   6.50

Steve’s New England-Style
Seafood Chowder
cup   6.25    bowl   7.75

Add to any salad:
Grilled Chicken   3.95   Grilled Shrimp   7.95   
Grilled Salmon   6.95   Pan-Fried Crab Cake   5.50

Hawthorne Hotel Caesar Salad
romaine greens, sun-dried tomatoes,
garlic croutons, Parmesan cheese
and house-made Caesar dressing
small   9.95  large   11.95

Greek Salad
romaine greens, Kalamata olives,
feta cheese, tomatoes, red onions,
roasted peppers and Greek dressing
small   9.50  large   11.95

Mesclun Green Salad
dried cranberries, spiced pecans,
bleu cheese, tomatoes, croutons
and Champagne vinaigrette
small   9.50  large   11.95
Raspberry Chicken Salad
 mesclun greens, grilled chicken,
Mandarin oranges, spiced pecans
and raspberry vinaigrette
small   10.75  large   13.95

Southwestern Salad
avocado, diced cucumbers, pico de gallo, shredded jack and cheddar cheeses,
tortilla chips and avocado vinaigrette
small   9.50  large   11.95 

Tavern’s Grilled Salmon Salad
goat cheese, roasted red peppers, sliced red onions, romaine and balsamic vinaigrette
without salmon   10.50

Warm Arugula and Smoked Salmon
roasted cauliflower, red onions, fried capers
and lemon-herb vinaigrette
small   9.95
large   11.95

Served with your choice of French fries, sweet potato fries, potato salad, or cucumber salad
Substitute onion rings 1.50

House Chicken Club
three-layer sandwich with sliced chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato
and mayonnaise
on toasted wheat or white bread   11.25

Classic B.L.T.
bacon, lettuce and tomatoes
with mayonnaise
on toasted wheat or white bread   8.95
add avocado   3.00

Smoked Turkey Sandwich
cranberry relish, mayonnaise and baby spinach on multi-grain bread   7.95

Grilled Cheese, Bacon
and Tomato Sandwich
your choice of cheddar or
American cheese   7.95

Pan-Fried Crab Cake Sandwich
lettuce, tomato and chipotle aioli
on a brioche bun   11.95

Fried Haddock Sandwich
lettuce and tomato on a brioche bun,
choice of tartar sauce or chipotle aioli   12.50

Grilled Portobello Mushroom
Brie cheese, caramelized onions,
spinach and tomatoes served
open-faced on sourdough bread

Braised Barbecued Boneless
 Short Rib Sandwich
chipotle-orange barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese on a toasted brioche bun   8.95

Chicken Caesar Wrap 
grilled chicken, romaine greens, sundried tomatoes, garlic croutons, 
parmesan cheese and house-made Caesar dressing
in a wheat wrap   8.95

Tavern Beef Burger
grilled as you like, on a toasted brioche bun   10.50

Turkey Burger   10.50

Grilled Chicken Breast   8.95
 Add-ons ~~ aged Vermont cheddar, Swiss, provolone, American or Gorgonzola cheese,
caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, jalapeños, roasted peppers or bacon  .50 each

served with your choice of two side dishes:
roasted potatoes, broccoli, green beans, jade rice, cole slaw, French fries, sweet potato fries or mashed potatoes.  Substitute onion rings   1.50

Grilled 12-Ounce New York Steak
served with our own Tavern steak sauce    23.95

Meatloaf with Mushroom Gravy   12.95

Roasted Half Chicken
with Lemon-Thyme Sauce   15.50

Pan-Roasted 12-Ounce
Pork Rib Eye Chop
with Apple Chutney   19.95
Fresh Seafood
Baked New England Haddock
cornbread crumbs and chive-butter   16.95

Maple-Mustard Glazed
Grilled Salmon   16.50

Mexican-Style Haddock
roasted with lemon, topped with avocado
and finished with pico de gallo   17.95

Baked Scallops
 topped with pumpkin seed crumbs   20.95

Crab-Stuffed Baked Shrimp   20.95

Fried Local Haddock   16.95

Fried Shrimp   16.95

Fried Scallops   20.95

Sweet Pea Ravioli
with bacon and peas in a tomato cream sauce   14.95

Tavern Penne
grilled chicken, plum tomatoes, asparagus, smoked mozzarella and fresh basil
small   10.95 ~~ large   13.95

chicken, spinach, walnuts
and Gorgonzola cream sauce
small   10.95 ~~ large   13.95

Harvest Pasta
 garlicky tomatoes, gigandes beans,
olives, mushrooms and spinach
with orecchiette pasta
small   10.95 ~~ large   13.95
add chicken   3.95 ~~ add shrimp   6.95


I hope to see you here.


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  1. Walking past the window boxes last night on my way to Nathaniel's I actually noticed how nicely dead-headed the petunias were! Back when I had flower boxes, every spring I'd plant yellow petunias in them as I love the pale, buttery color of them and remember how much nicer they'd grow when I'd remember to dead-head them, obviously your team members know that too and do a fantastic job making the hotel's flower boxes absolutely gorgeous!

    Oh, and I should probably add that the very first time I stopped in at the Hawthorne was for lunch in the the Tavern back in October of 2008 as it looked like a great place for lunch when we were visiting the area. I have never once regretted that decision! :-)