Friday, July 12, 2013

Is 1968 Historic? It Sure Is to Us!!!

On Mother's Day I made the acquaintance of some guests who were married at the Hawthorne Hotel, on that date, May 12, 1968.  John and Mary MacDonald were here to celebrate their anniversary on Mother's Day.  Through some twists and turns we got acquainted, and even began a correspondence.

Eventually John shared some scans of documents that he has in their family archives, and this set of documents involves the booking of their wedding reception here at the Hawthorne Hotel in 1968, some 45 years ago.

Here are the documents for your enjoyment and education about the price of things "back in the day."

I love seeing this illustration (above) of the door to the "Main Brace" which is now Sophia's, a function room in the back of Nathaniel's.

This list of the function rooms (above) at the Hawthorne Hotel is priceless.  Now we just have to figure out which room was which.  Would any of you fair blog readers like to take a stab at that task?

It looks like our guest was "penciling in" some "actual" prices on his copy of the prospectus, perhaps with the tax and gratuity figured in?  

How many of you have thought of having "Frankforts" at YOUR wedding reception?  Anyone know what "snowflake potatoes" might be?   Can you imagine how much prices have changed over the past years.  It is such fun to consider the differences in catering menus over the past 45 years, but if you look around hard enough you may still see some remnants of this kind of menu writing at some function facilities that are still "selling" this way today.  Clearly this is not the case here at the Hawthorne Hotel, where we keep our menus fresh and timely all the time.  Here is a link to our pages of Wedding menus:  Wedding Package Menus

I hope you enjoy looking these over, and that you enjoy these historical flashbacks here on our blog?


Special thanks to John MacDonald for sharing these documents with us.

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