Tuesday, July 30, 2013

History in the Grand Ballroom -- The Dance School

Ever since I arrived at the Hawthorne Hotel over 14 years ago, I have heard stories about the "dance school" that was held here in the Hawthorne Hotel many years ago.  Having heard over and over again about "Miss Harriet James" Dance School but having absolutely no photos of that activity, I made it my mission to ask everyone who shared that or a similar story with me if they had any photos.

This year my quest was finally successful, and  I was able to obtain some scans of photos of that particular activity.  These photos were provided thanks to Michael Stafford, who was dining with some of his family members at the hotel earlier this year.  I happened to chat with them at their table and the conversation turned to the dancing school.  I asked my question and was so pleased when the answer was "yes", I do!  I could not wait to see them.

Some days later Michael brought several pages of photos to me to scan.  These images are so darling, I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we did.

We all love seeing the children all dressed up, complete with gloves on the girls.  We especially enjoy seeing the hotel in the background of these photos, where you can see, for example, the hard-surface floor in the Grand Ballroom, the covered-over Palladium windows (to try to make it look modern), and the "cool" Hawthorne Hotel logo on the podium in the final photo.

Michael provided me with quite a few names, but if you know any of the unidentified people in these photos and can help with identifying them, that would be super!

Left to right  Linda Smith, Richard Stafford, Michael Stafford and Maureen Jeffries

Left to right:  Richard Stafford with unknown partner, demonstrator
Joanne Pydynkowski with unknown partner

I love seeing the painting in the background of these Ballroom photo above and below.  I believe this is the painting that is now located in the Lobby between the Ballroom and the Tavern doors.
Left to right:  Unknown dance couple, Richard Stafford and Linda Smith;
parents sitting in the background

Unknown dance couple, back side of Jerry Casey (back)

Doris Neary and Richard Stafford (on the left)

Left to right: Linda Smith, Richard Stafford, unknown, and Bill Quinn

Kathleen Stafford

I hope to hear from you!


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