Wednesday, July 24, 2013

CinemaSalem Rocks!

If you have read this blog before you will already know how much we love our local movie theater. Now there are even more reasons to love it.  Besides the real butter popcorn, great selection of hot tea, Fresca, and yummy snacks, the theater is now all digital, with an updated sound system.

Here is the weekly newsletter for the CinemaSalem fabulous movie theater here in Salem, MA.


It's official: you've voted CinemaSalem to its fifth consecutive Best North Shore Movie Theater award! Thanks so much for this sign of support, as well as your regular attendance. We are consistently working to improve your film-going experience, and we appreciate your vote of confidence!

We've got two great movies opening on Friday, so let's get right to the showtimes!
Opening Friday: The Way, Way Back (PG13); Maniac (NR): Turbo (PG); Grown Ups 2 (PG13); The Spirit of Salem 3D; This Perfect Place; and The True 1692 in 3D!.

One of the CinemaSalem audience's sweet spots is films like The Way, Way Back, quirky, authentic, real-life comedies with profound themes. The Philadelphia Inquirer calls it "a sly, richly modulated, emotionally engaging, and brutally honest film". Rolling Stone: "The Way Way Back gets it wittily, thrillingly right. It turns the familiar into something bracingly fresh and funny. It makes you laugh, then breaks your heart." San Francisco Chronicle: "You don't see too many movies about the importance of fathers, and they're rarely done this well." USA Today: "With its subtle wit, engaging story, topnotch ensemble cast and sparkling dialogue, it's this summer's Little Miss Sunshine."

TWWB will screen on Friday and Saturday at (11:45 AM), (1:45), (4:30), 7:00 and 9:15; and Sunday-Thursday at (11:45 AM), (1:45), (4:30) and 7:00.

Opening in the Screening Room is your opportunity to see one of the best horror films of the year, Maniac, starring Frodo Baggins, aka Elijah Wood, as a sociopath. Examiner: "Thrilling and fueled by plenty of bloody carnage, Maniac is a horror film that knows how to wear its influences on its sleeve and capitalize on them." KPBS: "[Director Franck] Khalfoun gives us an unflinchingly brutal film that places the viewer in the role of accomplice with disturbingly effective results." ScreenRant: "For some, Maniac will be disorienting and sickening; for others, it will be a deliciously twisted experience."

Maniac will screen on Friday and Saturday at (12:15), (2:45), (4:45), 7:30 and 9:30; and Sunday-Thursday at (12:15), (2:45), (4:45) and 7:30.
Turbo is winning over everyone, and here is an assortment of short-but-sweet critical raves: Chicago Sun-Times: "Great voice talent in a story that puts the "go" in escargot." LA Times: "Honestly, they pretty much had me at 'racing snails.'" Seattle Times: "Ultimately, Turbo nicely lives up to its diminutive hero's credo of, "No dream is too big, and no dreamer too small" - a pleasant thought, for people of all sizes." Newsday: "Turbo has just enough heart to make it to the winner's circle." "An easy recommendation, well-considered and well-executed, a treat for anyone who likes comedy or ambitious takes on make-believe worlds."
The lovable Turbo will screen in 2D on Friday and Saturday at (2:00), (4:15), 6:30 and 8:45; and Sunday-Thursday at (2:00), (4:15) and 6:30. If you like 3D, you can catch a screening every day, Friday through Thursday, at (11:30).

We're holding over Grown Ups 2 for another week, screening on Friday and Saturday at (12:00), (2:30), (4:50), 7:10 and 9:40; and Sunday-Thursday at (12:00), (2:30), (4:50) and 7:10.
If you're interested in Salem history, you can check out The Spirit of Salem, which will play every day at 11:00 am.

This Perfect Place: A Natural History of the Massachusetts North Shore, featuring Kristina Lindborg, will screen every day at noon, and The True 1692 will screen every day at 2:00 and 6:30.

Don't forget that we're going to devote an entire week in the Screening Room to these home-grown mini-masterpieces starting August 9! The week-long, all-day engagement will feature special pricing.

As always, thanks for supporting CinemaSalem!


I hope to see you here, or there.


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