Thursday, June 20, 2013

Salem State Visits the Hawthorne Hotel

One of the things that makes living and working in Salem, Massachusetts so terrific is the energy that having a university within our city limits gives us.  So when the nice folks from Salem State University asked if they could come and visit with "Superfan", their mascot, and take some photos for their own uses, we said "Sure!, as long as we can take some photos, too!"

They came this week, in the middle of a horribly raining afternoon and cheered us all up.  Having a large orange fuzzball in your midst will make anyone smile   Here are some photos of that visit"

Left to right:  (Currently students or alumni of SSU) Nicholas Nealon, Zak Leete, Edi Rovi, "Superfan," Claire Kallelis, Maria MacLeod, and Kayleigh M, along with Michael Harrington representing the Hawthorne Hotel ownership.

Styling the "fun, happening" look!

Michael Harrington with "Superfan"

"Superfan" from the back. 
I hope you enjoy seeing how many SSU students and alumni are part of the team that serves you here at the Hawthorne Hotel, and I hope you enjoy seeing us take a couple of minutes out for some fun.  By the way, there are more, but they just did not happen to be working on this particular day.


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