Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Visual Upgrade

One of the challenges of running an historic hotel is that operating systems for guest comfort, such as air conditioning, and kitchen ventilation legal requirements were not even thought of at the time of the hotel's construction.  So, over time, those items had to be added to the building, in the only place they could go, which is on the kitchen roof.

The drawback to that is the kitchen roof is visible from the back of the building, and from the guest rooms that have "interior" views.  Add that fact to the issue that mechanical equipment is only built for function, and not esthetics, and eventually you have a hodgepodge of metal equipment to look at.  This is not something we enjoy, so we figured our guests would appreciate a "visual upgrade" and we set about doing just that.

The painting contracting firm (McDonnell Painting) that we work with is so helpful, and when our Chief of Building Maintenance spoke to them about what we could do to "faux" paint that equipment so it disappears a bit from view, they came up with a sponge painting technique to apply a pattern that looks like the brick on the rear of the hotel.

Here are a couple of "before" photos.

Here are some "in-process" photos:

Here is one of the "finished" project.

I hope you enjoy yet another kind-of-behind-the-scenes look at what we are doing here at the Hawthorne Hotel.


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