Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Busy Day for the Building Maintenance Team

It might be a small team, but they get a lot done!

The Building Maintenance Team of the Hawthorne Hotel had an extra busy day yesterday.  While they were not doing all of the work themselves, they sure were doing a lot of it, plus coordinating and overseeing the outside contractors who were here as well.

The two entrances, especially the front one, took a beating from the weather this past winter.  Having a hurricane and a couple of blizzards come through this area were hard on the exterior.  Here are Jay Gilliss and Barry Eliuk patching the front area on Hawthorne Boulevard today.

Left:  Barry Eliuk.  Right: Jay Gilliss

Mike Herrera 

In addition to that, today was the day that we re-coated and re-striped the parking lot.  Here are some photos of it completely empty and coated but not yet striped.

This was all in addition to the post-weekend bunch of work orders that the housekeepers generate, and making sure that the chimney sweep did a good job on the Tavern chimney.

I hope you enjoy seeing a little bit of our team at work on your behalf.


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