Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Are You a Lighthouse "Fan"?

Then you will NOT want to miss this very special event.  May 7 - 19.

 Welcoming "home" a first order Fresnel lens seems to be a really big deal to me, because even though I know very little, I do know that this is the largest kind of this lens, which is also the most special of this kind of lens.

Here is a tidbit from this full post on their website.  You can read the entire post by clicking on the link after the tidbit:

The Cape Ann Museum and Thacher Island Association are pleased to welcome the First Order Fresnel Lens, which stood atop the Island's southern lighthouse for more than a century, back home to Cape Ann. 

Lampist James "Jim" Woodward will spend two weeks conserving and reassembling the lens in the Museum's Maritime Gallery. Visitors are encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity and see the conservation effort for themselves. Information on related programming can be found below. 

First order Fresnel lenses are extremely rare. There are only 39 in the country, three of which are in New England. The only other one in Massachusetts is at the Martha's Vineyard Museum in Edgartown.

Lighthouse Events on Cape Ann

So, my fair blog readers, I hope to see you here when you come to visit for this special event.  This is yet another instance of you have to see it in person to really "get" how interesting and spectacular this is.


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  1. Count me in!!!

    I had the chance to see a First Order Fresnel lens when I was visiting with Morgen down in Florida and I was totally amazed at not just the size but at the beauty of it. That's so great to know that there's going to be one on Cape Ann, too!