Monday, May 13, 2013

A Very Special Mothers Day

If you are a frequent reader of our Daily Diary, AKA our Blog here at the Hawthorne Hotel, you will already know that I go table to table on the occasions of our Grand Buffets to greet our guests and take their photos.  This Mothers Day was no exception, but I did enlist the help of fellow blogger Linda Orlomoski to help me with the photos, because we have gotten so busy that I wanted to make sure we got to as many tables as possible.

While I was greeting the tables in Nathaniel's yesterday I happened across a couple (John and Mary MacDonald) who had just been seated, and I quickly learned that they were here in celebration of their 45th wedding anniversary.  Not only was it a special anniversary, but they had actually had their wedding reception here at the Hawthorne Hotel in 1968, on this very day.

I offered to take their photos in a place where they had posed for their wedding photos, and one of those places was on the grand staircase.  Here is that photo:

They are still very much in love, as you can see here.

I asked them if they could stop by some time with their wedding album so I could scan a couple of photos into our history archives.  They seemed amenable to that idea.  But by the time I got home from the hotel they had emailed me with scans they had done themselves, and are allowing me to share them with you right here.

 I wish I had known that this was the pose that they had done all those many years ago, as it would be fun to duplicate it today.  I love how sweetly young they look in this great photo, and I love seeing the small details of the hotel from 45 years ago.

I hope you enjoy seeing these as well.

Here is the link for all the photos Linda and I took yesterday.  Mothers Day Photos from the Hawthorne Hotel.  If we took your photo late in the day it will be added to the album on Tuesday.



  1. What a special day for them and for you to be a part of making another memory for them. Thanks for sharing

  2. It's so sweet to see a couple still so much in love (or most likely even more so) 45 years later!