Friday, May 10, 2013

A Special Day

Yesterday was a special day for one of our staff members.  Maria MacLeod has been with the Hawthorne Hotel for a good long time -- 25 years to be exact, and yesterday we celebrated that milestone on her anniversary date by taking her to lunch at the Garden Restaurant at PEM.

While we had lunch we talked about all the changes that she has seen in the past 25 years at the hotel.  It was fun to go down memory lane thinking about this person and that person, especially when she was able to  recite the 11 different controllers she had worked for over those 25 years.   Since I have "only" been here for 14 years, some of the names were a mystery to me, but it was still an enjoyable visit.

Maria and I were joined by Joann Delp, our Controller, and Kathy Whitbeck, our Operations VP, as well as by our owner's representative, Michael Harrington.

Maria works for us as our Payroll Manager, and as you can imagine, that is a very important position that affects each and every one of us.

Thanks, Maria, for all that you do for all of the team members of the Hawthorne Hotel!


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