Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Part-Time Employee of the Month

Yesterday we surprised Juana Valdez as she sat having lunch in our staff breakroom, to announce to her and all the other staff members present that she had been selected as our Part-time Employee of the Month for March.

 Juana was very surprised as you can see above.
 Here she is proudly showing her award to the camera.

We waited until everyone was finished with their lunch before going to the lobby for more formal photos with Juana's co-workers.  Left to right:  Back row:  Megan Campbell, Executive Housekeeper; Karen, Housekeeper; Juli Lederhaus, General Manager.  Seated: Housekeepers: Carmen, Arisleyda, Juana, and Minerva 
 Juana is very serious about her work, and takes great pride in what she does.  Getting her to smile is not the easiest thing just because of her seriousness about her work.  But you can see that someone was having a bit of success in getting all of us to laugh in the photo above.

Thank you so much, Juana, for taking such pride in the cleanliness of our hotel.  I know our guests join me in expressing how much we all sincerely appreciate how clean our guest rooms are.  I fully realize that a lot of that good work is attributable to you!



[Thanks to Christine Perry and Claire Kallelis for taking these photos.]

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