Thursday, April 11, 2013

An Artist Among Us

I recently attended the Montserrat College of Art's "Artrageous 27" art auction and fund-raiser, as a guest of Beverly Cooperative Bank, and almost immediately upon arriving I ran into one of our employees there -- Matt Kuhlman.  Matt is a talented "line cook" for our culinary department.

He quickly filled me in on the reason he was there -- he had donated a couple of his works of art to the auction -- and I was pleased to see them doing well in the silent auction.  I had had no idea about Matt's "other life" as an artist, although I was aware of his "other life" as a podcaster -- what a multi-talented guy!

One thing I do know about Matt is that he is leaving us in mid-May to return to his roots in the Midwest -- something that makes us sad for the Hotel, because he is such a great member of our team, but we are happy for him to be getting back closer to his family.

It is always so nice to see someone being generous and "giving back" to his community, but in this case the North Shore will not be Matt's community for very much longer.  But Matt knows what it feels like to be an artist, and he really felt compelled to help out. I think that is so terrific of him.

In talking with Matt back at the Hotel a couple of days later I wondered out loud if he would like me to blog about him, to perhaps help him sell some of his inventory of artwork so he doesn't have to move it all along with him when he leaves us.  He liked that idea, so I asked him for some more information.  I also asked him to bring in a couple of things so I could take some photos, because I know our blog posts are always more interesting when people can see what I am writing about.

So here are some photos of Matt, and a few of his pieces:

If you are interested in learning more about Matt, you can go to his website:  Click here for Matt Kuhlman's website.  From there you can to to his on-line store to purchase one or more of his pieces that he has available for sale.

As an extra incentive, if you buy something from Matt before he leaves the North Shore, you can arrange to pick it up here at the Hawthorne Hotel, saving Matt from packing it, and you from having to pay for any shipping charges -- a win-win for everyone.  Matt will be here until May 18, so don't delay -- get your order going right away so your best choice will still be available.

I hope you enjoy getting to know a bit more about one of our team members, and of course, I hope to see you here, picking up your new artwork.


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