Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Has Officially Arrived In Salem, MA

You can forget what the calendar says.  Ignore the weather forecasters.  Leave the Farmer's Almanac out of it.  Oh, and that rodent down in Pennsylvania -- bah!!   The real official harbinger of Spring in Salem happens right here at the Hawthorne Hotel.

On the day that we plant the pansies for the first time in any given year -- THAT is the day that Salem residents-in-the-know realize that Spring has officially arrived.

As our crew is outside working ,many locals honk their horns and give us the big thumbs up, because they know that this means winter is over.  (Or ovah! as they say around here.)

Here are some snapshots of this much-longed for event this year:

Mike Herrera of the Maintenance Team installing the pansies.

Out with the "old" (evergreen cuttings) and in with the new flowers.

I hope you enjoy this real first look at Spring in #Salem, MA. and I hope to see you here.


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