Saturday, March 16, 2013

Passionate About Protocol

East Coast School of Protocol held a celebratory luncheon for those students who attended the Building a Positive Image Class at the Hawthorne Hotel. Students had the opportunity to dress their best and use their newly acquired dining skills as they experienced a four-course meal. 

The students had a wonderful time trying new cuisine, interacting with the very knowledgeable staff and experiencing it all in an elegant and beautiful atmosphere. The students remarked how they can't wait until they are older to take the middle and high school grade courses after hearing about them.  They seemed particularly happy about the fact that they will be able to return to the Hawthorne Hotel for different events.

In the photo above you can see the array of flatware, plates and glassware they were able to negotiate through the meal.  Here is the menu which they enjoyed on this particular occasion:


Italian Wedding Soup 
Chicken Broth with Tina Pastina,
Parmesan-Egg Threads, Tiny Meatballs and Fresh Spinach Garnish

Sophia's Arugula Salad 
with Prosciutto, Medjool Dates, Blue
Cheese, Sliced Toasted Almonds, Caramelized Onion Vinaigrette

Warms Rolls & Butter

Chicken Dundee
Scotch-infused Double Cream with Toasted Almonds
Soft Polenta with Corn and Parmesan
Grilled Vegetables

Demitasse of Warm Chocolate Soufflé Cake

Ginger Ale or Sprite 


East Coast School of Protocol offers character education classes that focus on communication, social, leadership and dining skills to people from pre-K through high school, college, post-graduate and adults. Classes are offered during school, after school, nights and weekends. For more information and to enroll in a class, you can email Andrea Ribeiro at or call 978-979-4202.


I hope to see you here.


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