Saturday, March 02, 2013

January Employee of the Month

On Friday March 1 we recognized Edi Rovi as our Part-Time employee of the month for January. As soon as he saw all of us come into the Tavern he already knew what we were up to, as this is not his first such award.

Left to right:  Adam McInnes, Dining Services Manager; Edi Rovi; Juli Lederhaus, General Manager

Edi was so happy to be recognized yet again -- as you can see from his grand smile in the photos above.

Edi, a dining services server, was nominated by Adam McInnes for his can-do attitude, his versatility, his loyalty and dedication to the guests and his fellow team members here at the hotel.

As you can see in the photo below, Edi is very well-liked by his co-workers in other departments as well.  Whether it is working in the Tavern, in Nathaniel's, in Banquets, or at the Peabody Essex Museum for us in the Garden or our Off-site Catering Division, Edi helps out wherever we need him.  He is respected by the people he works with in both the "front" and "back" of the house.  He has even come in on his days off to play the piano for guests in Nathaniel's, as he is a very accomplished piano player.
By the way, if you think you are seeing "double" do not fear. . . you actually are seeing a panoramic shot of the Tavern Bar, with our team members double-timing it from one end of the photo to the other as I panned the iPhone around the room -- they walked behind me!

I hope you enjoy yet another look at what we do among our team members to create a good atmosphere  and working environment for our staff, and thus a wonderful place for you to enjoy.


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  1. I know Edi personally, and am not surprised by this award. He's a hard worker, and wonderful person! Congratulations, Edi!