Monday, February 04, 2013

Vintage Postcards of Salem and the Hawthorne Hotel

This past week, when doing some organizing of our Hotel archives, I pulled out these wonderful vintage postcards that I thought I would share with our loyal blog readers.

This post card reads: "Greetings from the popcorn lady at the Salem Common - Helen"
There is no date to tell us when this postcard is from, but based on the vehicles in the  picture,
I would venture it was during the 1970's.

An old menu from the Hotel restaurant.  
 Below are two postcards of two other historic sites in Salem.
This is the kitchen at the House of Seven Gables.

The Nathaniel Hawthorne Statue.
These unique Salem artifacts are not easy to come by, however we have developed quite a collection through years of scouring eBay and collecting donated items from friends of the Hotel. It is always nice to see how far the Hotel has developed and changed throughout the years.

The Ropes Mansion
This one is a little more difficult to read. Here is a rough translation: "...I am sending several cards to office so you can see something of the wonderful things I am enjoying. Please keep cards for me - Today I sent another box of goodies for office. Maple sugar candy, 2 boxes of some left for Theresa - and love for her to take a sample for Belle and Helen - E"
I hope you enjoy looking over my shoulder at some of the pieces of our history that we have, and I hope to see you here,


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