Saturday, February 02, 2013

Traveling to Concord, Massachusetts?

If you are traveling to this area, one of the things you may not realize is just how close so many of the places of interest are to one another in this region.  For example, Concord, MA is just about a 25 minutes from Salem which makes it perfect for a "day trip" from the Hawthorne Hotel.  Since parking is free here at the Hawthorne, it makes Salem a much better bet than Boston for these kinds of forays to places around the area.

The attached blog post Traveling to Concord Massachusetts  was written by Linda Orlomoski for the Hawthorne Hotel, as part of our ongoing series called Travels with Nathaniel. Once you read this post, you might also be interesting in reading all of Linda's posts about places you can travel to from Salem, MA to enjoy day trips in the area, by going to the Travels with Nathaniel blog: Click Here to Go to Travels with Nathaniel Blog

I hope you enjoy this.  And of course, I hope to see you here.


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