Saturday, February 09, 2013

Send Your Post in Style at the Hawthorne

Very often, guests will come to our front desk clerks and ask them where the nearest mailbox is. They rarely realize that they have just walked past one.

This is the lobby mailbox at the Hawthorne Hotel. Though it takes a significant amount of brass polish to keep it sparkling, we love having it at our Hotel. It is connected to a mail chute that begins on the sixth floor and is accessible from every floor in-between.

Here is the start of the mail chute, on the sixth floor.

The chute runs between the elevators on each floor. 

The letter's inevitable destination; the letter box in the lobby. 

When looking through the Hotel archives, I found this wonderful photo of the mailbox from the episode of Bewitched that featured the Hawthorne Hotel.

The mailbox gleams between Bewitched costars
Dick Sargent and Elizabeth Montgomery.

The front desk has seen many interesting things come out of the mailbox when the post office staff come to empty it daily. Often guests will place things that are not mail down the chute, but the US Postal Service is the only one with a key to open the box and retrieve its contents.

I hope to see you here (letter in hand) very soon,


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