Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Before and After, on the Second Floor

If you will remember, exactly one year ago today we suffered a catastrophic accident when a contractor working on our guest bathroom renovations broke a supply pipe in the attic while that pipe was "live".  Tens of thousands of gallons of water poured through every floor of the hotel, with the majority of it deciding that the second floor was a good place to end up.

Here are some photos of the second floor:

Because of that accident, we had to replace all of the carpet that was damaged.  It took awhile to get the carpet ordered and made (it is a custom pattern made just for us) and then we had to wait for our business levels to be slow enough to be able to install it.

That finally happened and the carpet was installed the week of February 18.  I thought it was appropriate to blog about it on this date, since it is the one-year anniversary of the big flood.

I hope you enjoy these panoramic views of the function space on the second floor showing how it looks now..

I hope to see you here.


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