Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Work in Progress

Currently at the Hawthorne Hotel we are renovating all of the guest room corridors.  Right now the painters and wall-paperers are here painting the new color scheme and hanging the beautiful new wallpaper.  They are about halfway done with their part of the project.  Once they are done the carpet layers will come in behind them to put down the new hallway carpet, so that all of the hallways will be in excellent condition.

This work was necessitated by the flood that we had last February.  We were able to temporarily put things back together for our high occupancy months.  The temporary work included just painting the hallways affected, but we needed to hang the new wallpaper which did not arrive in time for that big push to get the building put back together.  In addition our hallway carpet is a custom design, so it took some time to get that all ordered and produced.

I hope you enjoy our new look.  And of course, I always hope to see you here, where you can see all of this in person.


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