Saturday, January 12, 2013

Part-time Employee of the Month Awarded for December

Yesterday; we surprised Lourdes Gonzalez of our Housekeeping Department with the award for Part-time Employee of the Month for December.  Getting this whirling dervish of a human to stop working long enough to be recognized was not an easy task, but when we finally did, she was so pleased.

Here are a series of photos that we took of her as she was surprised, and then delighted, by this recognition of all of her hard work.

Lourdes receives a hug from co-worker Yukelka
Lourdes being feted by her supervisor, Megan Campbell, Executive Housekeeper

Lourdes receiving her awards from Juli Lederhaus, General Manager

Lourdes with Evening Manager, Andy Seidel

The Housekeeping Team, Yudelka, Lourdes, Megan and Bujar, all so happy that Lourdes was recognized for all her hard work.
While we were taking photos, a regular guest of the Tavern stopped by and got in on the photo-taking, because even he recognizes how much Lourdes does for all our guests.  Thank you to customer Chester Gasiorowski, for appreciating the hard work of our team members.
 In her acceptance speech, Lourdes stated that she thinks that all she does is what she should do -- come to work on time every shift she is scheduled for, work to get all of her assigned tasks finished, and do it all with hospitality.

Congratulations, Lourdes!  Thank you for all that you do!

Juli (and the TEAM of the Hawthorne Hotel)

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